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October 2, 2021


Equestrian Canada Rules Apply

Entries:  First come, first served - Limited to 12 Entries
Special Qualifications: Proof of insurance coverage Nova Scotia Equestrian Federation
Levels/Divisions:  Training Level - walk and trot only, no cantering 

Classes:  VSE & Donkey, Pony, Horse, Single, Pairs
Prizes:  Ribbons and prizes awarded

Organizers: NSDS Members, Sue & Steve Karrel & Brian Irving 

Potluck Contribution for lunch. 

Limited stabling so competitors need to work from their trailer.  

9:00 am: Registration - Coffee, Tea and Muffins


10:00 am: Briefings and walk the cones course


10:30 am: Dressage - ADS Training Level Test  B


Cones:   After Dressage in adjacent field so no need to unhook.  Clearance is the carriage with the largest track width plus 40 cm


12:00 noon: Potluck Lunch 


1:30 pm: Marathon

- 4 obstacles in a large field with a good view for spectators and 3 obstacles on the wood road trail. Trail obstacles are in a grove of sugar maples in the meadow, a water hazard at the end of the wood road, and the 3rd obstacle is a grove of old hemlocks off the wood road.  There are small gentle hills in an open field and a wood road on sandy footing. Walk or trot only, cantering is not allowed.  Helmets required in all classes.  In marathon a safety vest is required for juniors and recommended for adults, both driver and groom.  Groom can go on more than one entry. Distance approximately 6 km including hazards. VSE will be shorter. (1-2 km in a large field with 4 hazards.) 


3:00 pm: Presentations

Spectators and Volunteers Welcome!

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