Nova Scotia, Canada

Ground Driving Over Obstacles

April 20th, Folly Farm, Middleboro.

This clinic is being offered by Nova Scotia Driving Society and is designed to help develop the bond between you and your horse. The clinic will offer participants the opportunity to work with their horses in hand and ground driven, whilst introducing their horses to obstacles and other potentially scary challenges. Participants will learn techniques and strategies that will help their driving horse to become less spooky and pay greater attention to the driver.

The clinic is limited to 10 participants and their equines.
Clinic is by donation for NSDS members and membership is available at the clinic.

May Clinic

Our Robin Groves clinic is full. We welcome auditors 

May 11 & 12th 2019

at Five Fires Equestrian Facility

April 20, 9 am start

Folly Farm

Simmonds Branch Road, Middleboro, NS